Clever Ways to Deal With Rude People

There are always situations where you may face dealing with rude people. Most of the time you can just let it go or answer them back, but those things are sometimes not possible if you’re dealing with a customer, a client, your boss or someone who works with you. You have to learn how to deal with those people and here are some tips on how to do it:

  1. Remain calm

If someone is rude and tries to provoke you reaction, just remain calm. It might hurt your image and you might also say something you’ll regret later on. Don’t ever let the other person know they got to you, whether it is email communication or phone communication or in person. By learning to control yourself, you’ll earn the respect of other people.

  1. Don’t take everything personally

When facing someone who is rude, there comes a point when you start asking yourself whether it is your fault. That maybe there’s something wrong with you and that maybe you caused their reaction. There is probably a reason they reacted a certain way, but that doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. It is more about their experiences and their personal issues.

  1. Don’t expect rude people to change

There are certain people in this world who enjoy behaving rudely. Some don’t understand that they are rude and some just enjoy bullying others. It is only important that you realize you can’t change others. You can only change your behavior and your expectations of them.

  1. Be objective about the situation

There are times that some person is not being rude, but you could be emotional and interpreting the whole thing in the wrong way. Sometimes they are rude because it is their personality. Many of those rude people are just trying to protect themselves from being hurt, it is their defense mechanism.

  1. Choose the way you are going to respond to rudeness

First of all, you don’t have to do anything at all. Sometimes silence can be the best cure for everything. If you’re in a middle of a conversation you can ignore their comments or just act indifferently.

  1. Try to understand why someone is rude

If someone is rude to you, there is probably some explanation or reason for their behavior. While you think that there can’t be anything, consciously or unconsciously there probably is. Maybe they don’t respect you, maybe you’re not important to their goals in life or maybe it is just because you are younger then them. There doesn’t have to be a valid reason for you, but in their minds there probably is something.

  1. Become more authoritative with that person

That doesn’t mean you should boss them around or anything like that. It means that they are rude because they probably don’t respect you and you should change that. Become invaluable and contribute wherever you can. You could also improve in those fields that person finds important and thus become more important to them.

  1. Keep your dignity

No matter how rude someone is and no matter what they say, don’t let them make you feel lesser about yourself and who you are. Don’t give up on your values and beliefs. This person is not worth it.

  1. Don’t be affected by them

If you associate yourself with negative people, you will feel negative. Rude people function on a certain level of negativity where you can find pride, anger and fears. If their behaviour affects you, it means that you’re on their level and they can harm you.

However, if you learn to be at a higher level than they are, you won’t be affected by their words and behaviors and you won’t feel violated and attacked even if they try to bring you down.