Doctors Say That Thicker People Actually Enjoy Food Less Than Fit Ones

If it is true what a hard study you have conducted by the University scholars of Bangor of Wales, people of excessive weight in food enjoy much less than those of healthy weight. People of healthy weight usually eat when they are hungry and say they enjoy eating, while thicker people feed not find pleasure. Instead, they eat when they feel the need for a certain food, but they are not necessarily hungry, and then they declare that they did not enjoy food as much as people of adequate weight.

Scientists theorize that it is so partly because the fat man eats more food with each meal, trying to compensate for the feeling of unhappiness. Participants of the study are the app on the phone when they feel hunger and how satisfied they are after eating, on a scale of 1 to 10. Scientists were surprised that the obese participants felt the need for food about the same as those of healthy weight.

Very similar to daily eating needs

A group of healthy subjects and groups of those overweight had a very similar need for eating, three times a day, and the length of the meal lasted similar, eighteen minutes. Overweight people were not hungrier than normal-weight people. However, it has been noted that obese and healthy people have different habits of food intake and a different attitude towards food. People eat healthy weight when they are hungry and after meals are very satisfied.

Obese do not necessarily eat when hunger is driven to it. They eat when they feel craving for some food and after eating they don’t have the pleasure. One of the authors of the study, Dr. Hans Peter Kubis, said that a lot of our revisiting for food is based on the fact that they would reward themselves and not make a real sense of hunger. Lack of satisfaction can contribute to overeating, and it can be taken to take a larger amount of food to compensate for the lack of enjoyment in food. To help people lose weight, it is necessary to focus more attention on the feeling of satisfaction after a meal.