Runner Rugs

When we think about carpets or rugs, we usually think about something we would put in our main living areas. But, we must not forget that we have the possibilities of putting a very nice rug in our hallway. Today, many manufacturers make amazing runner rugs for places like hallways and staircases. If you think about it, your hallway is one of the most vital parts of your house, because it links all the areas in your house.

Many hallways are linked to your guest bedrooms or bathrooms, but for some reason it usually stays overlooked when you are decorating your house. There are so many styles and designs of runner rugs available today, that you will have to think about them, because they will surely complement the beauty of your house when you put them in your hallway or stairs.

They add some sort of convenience and warmth to the place. They were developed specifically for the narrow areas of your house and they add accent to areas that would in most cases look like secondary areas of your house. They offer a chance to have a beautiful decoration, and at the same time they serve their practical function like delivering traction and decreasing the possibilities of slipping and falling. Maybe the hardest things is to find that perfect one for you.

But, we will give you some tips on how to select the perfect runner rug for your house, so you wouldn’t have to spend much time looking for it.

The first and the most important thing to do is to measure your hallway or stairs accurately. The perfect runner rug has to have around 2” of space from the walls on each side. You also have to take in account to leave around 11” at the start of your hallway or stair and the end of it.
This provides you with an elegant and conformed look, because it makes sure your rugs doesn’t overwhelm the whole space.

If you have a very long hallway or stairs in your house, you should probably measure and use two runner rugs. Other things you need to think about while looking for the runner rug are color, shape and texture. So, once you have measured the area you need to put it in, think about the style of the rug.

There are many patterns available, and choosing the right design and style will be important. Just make sure you choose a runner rug that doesn’t distract from the area alone.

Runner rugs help you care for your hardwood, tile and laminate flooring in those areas of your house that are filled with traffic. At the same time, they are also important if you need to cover up damaged areas of your floor. Of course, you can follow our tips, but that doesn’t mean you can’t determine what is best for you.

Your house is a reflection of you, so if you feel like choosing any type of runner rug, just go for it!