David Guetta, This Man is Simply The Best


David Guetta is most definitely one of top three DJs in the world. But he is also a very famous producer and remixer who has worked with almost every celebrity imaginable.

If there is someone he still hasn’t worked with, you can be sure they want to work with him and probably will one day.

He sold more than 9 million albums and around 30 million singles so far, but maybe the best is yet to come. DJ Mag readers voted him as the best DJ in the world.

He is French, but of Moroccan and Belgian descent. His love for house music began as he was listening to Farley Jackmaster Funk’s music. During this period he was working in Paris as a DJ who was playing pop songs. He began getting acquainted with house music and hosted club night in Paris.

Soon after, he released a hip hop single. It was evident he was still searching for a way to express himself, and he did just that with his second single in 1994. It was a huge hit and it allowed him to continue with club nights hosting in Paris.

His first album was released in 2002 and included four successful singles. His second, third and fourth album brought more success and featured people like Tara McDonald, Kelly Rowland, Akon, Estelle and LMFAO.

His 2009 collaboration with the Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling is the most downloaded song of all time.

His fifth album attracted the world’s greatest singers and rappers like Sia, Usher, Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida. He didn’t pass up on the chance to work with Rihanna on her seventh album.

Guetta probably is the most popular DJ in the world today.

There isn’t a thing he hasn’t done yet and his talent has been very well recognized.

He probably didn’t show everything he has, so there is still more to come and we look forward to it.