Running Tips For Beginners


Most people think that good running shoes are all you need to start running and to excel at it.

However, running is much more than the right sneakers or the right clothes. Here are some tips from the professionals to all those who think about takink up running:

1. Run at moderate pace or speed

At the beginning, maybe it is best to find a running buddy. That could be someone who is starting just like you, or someone more experienced, but willing to encourage you and help you with your running.

In any case, you should run at your own speed or pace until you get more stamina and strength, don’t ever try to impress someone else just because you are embarrassed or worried what they will think of you.

2. Protect your body

Think about the sun if you’re running when it is hot and apply the sunscreen.

You could even wear a hat or a cap. Skin cancer is not a joke, and runners spend much time in the sun, so this is something you should really think about in advance because it may save your life.

3. Sleep well

Sleeping is one of the keys to success in running or in any sport. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body is trying to repair every stressful thing that hapenned, and your hormonal levels go into overdrive.

The best thing is to turn off all of your gadgets 90 minutes before you go to sleep and mentally prepare for good night of sleep and the busy day ahead.

4. Sneakers are important, but so are socks

Experienced runners advise you not to wear just any socks you like. The socks should not just be cute and pretty but they have to be comfortable and made of quality materials for running.

If you’re trying to avoid blisters and other possible problems, try breathable sweat-wicking fabrics.

5. Pay attention to time, not pace or distance

Beginners are more comfortable with finishing their run in certain amount of time. Don’t go to hard and run comfortably, avoiding chasing many miles at some crazy pace.

It is better to be careful in the beginning as it will benefit you more mentally and physically, so don’t push it too hard, everything will fall into it’s place if you’re patient enough to wait for it.

6. You have to expect some bad days

Those mental challenges are the hardest thing about training any type of sport.

There are days you will just be bad at it, when you’re too tired to even get out of bed and sometimes you won’t even understand the reason why it is so hard. It is best to go home on those days, stop thinking about it and wake up the next day like it never happened.

Sometimes it will be the food you are, the drinks you drank or not enough sleep.

If you take a rest day, it will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine, so rest your body and be better the next day.

7. Drink water!

Everybody knows you should hydrate, but sometimes it is easy to forget. Water is needed to train efficiently and cannot be forgotten. You may get cramps, or even worse.

So, program some kind of a reminder on your phone and it will help you remember to drink more water during the day.

8. Learn how to do it properly before you begin

Running is one of those sports people are not used to learning everything they need to know  before they start.

You can take a running class, or find all the needed information online. In any case, it is important to learn about everything – the clothes, the sneakers, the pace and the distance.

This is not just some hobby you can start and not feel the consequences of improper training.