Introducing Brač Island

zlatni rat bol brač island

Brač is an island in Croatia situated in the central Dalmatia. It is the 3rd largest Croatian island and the highest island on the Adriatic. There are many reasons why you should spend your vacation on Brač and we will mention just some of those reasons.

zlatni rat bol brač island croatia
The first one is tradition. Basically, islands are a big part of Croatian identity, both national and geographical. So, if you are visiting Croatia, why don’t you just come to Brač? It boasts with a very rich history in tourism and continues to be one on Croatia’s most famous tourist spots. The beaches are amazing. They are probably the number one reason you should visit Brač. The most popular is Zlatni Rat, and actually this is probably the most popular and the most amazing beach on the Adriatic and Croatia, the land of the thousand islands. There are mostly pebble beaches on Brač, with beautiful tiny pebbles you can easily walk on. For those people who like sand or rocks, you won’t have any trouble finding those beaches either.

Apart from Zlatni Rat, other beaches are not so packed, so they are perfect for those looking for more secluded spots.
Fine wining and dining is no stranger to Brač. Fresh fish is amazing, olive oil is divine, the fruits and vegetable taste better than at home, and we won’t even mention the lamb, sheep cheese and wine. Ok, we have to mention wine. Farming has always important here and there are many grapes growing here since forever. Some better wines are Plavac mali, Posip, Merlot and Vugava. Depending what you are eating, you won’t make a mistake with any of these wines if you order them in a restaurant or a tavern for the complete enjoyment of the meal.


The most convenient time to come here is naturally during the tourist season. There are many ferries and catamarans coming and going from the island, the weather is magnificent and the sea is just the right temperature. However, if you don’t like crowded places, don’t come here in August. The accommodation is also a little more expensive during August, but otherwise it is fine. The prices are ok. There is an abundance of hotels, apartments and campsites. Bol is the most expensive place on the island, and the campsites are the cheapest option. The people on Brač are very welcoming and are ready to help you if you are in need of anything, so don’t hesitate to ask the locals for anything.
You can fundamentally make a distinction between the north and the south parts of the island. The south side is more luxurious and prone to comfort tourist with large hotels and other additional facilities, while the north side offer something a little different. It has more of a intimate feel with apartments, rooms and family bed and breakfasts. The beaches are prettier on the south side, but the north side has many appealing qualities, depending on what type of vacation you are looking for.

There are many activities available to those in search of an active vacation. You can rent a scooter, a quad or a bicycle and go explore the beauties of the landscape. Or you can find some interesting activities on the beach and in the water like windsurfing, diving, kite surfing, playing mini golf, football, tennis, or whatever your heart desires.

Those who have been here before and were looking for great beaches, delicious food, amazing wine and good people found that Brač met all of their expectations as it offers the whole package for those looking for a little fun in the sun of the sunniest Croatian island. This is a place of an exceptional beauty, but also of rich heritage which you can see on every corner and every street.